Reset Team Sales Support

Birmingham, AlabamaFull-time
About the Job

Individual who gets selected for this position will have a key role in gaining retail space in several independent accounts throughout the Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Walker counties.  This is a good way to not only learn the products that Alabev carries but also a good way to interact with the customer to show what executing a reset can do for their business. 

Day of set requires starting by 8AM at the latest, some will require starting earlier (Ex. Raceways) due to difficulty and size of set. The day of or previous day will require the obtaining of all materials, such as glides, hammers, pliers, electric screwdrivers, etc. to be loaded into vehicles.

During execution, the following is required to be performed:
  • Detailed cleaning of beer set. This includes sweeping/mopping floors, wiping walls for cave, racks, shelving, undersides of shelf frames, cleaning glass, scraping off OOD decals, etc.
  • Date check of all products to ensure quality service is provided to customers. Any/all OOC/deleted products need to be taken to designated area within account to be picked up by distributor’s salesman.
  • Configuring of beer box/shelving to ensure all products shop. No cans or bottles snag or have difficulty of being shopped by customers or for stocking purposes.
  • Organizing of back stock. This requires a full overhaul of back stock pertaining to either demand of customer, designating back stock area per distributor, or by set design, for ease of stocking and delivery.
  • Finalizing reset. 
  • Check with owner/manager to ensure all that has been asked of the reset is completed. All product worked in, area double checked to be cleared of any trash/debris, new shelf rails/stripping applied, current tags/signage moved if new are not yet ready, spinning/zoning packaging of all products, etc.

  • Follow up with updating planogram/back tags of any changes to set and inform salesman/area manager of completed set. Inform of new items and email copy of final planogram of account. 
  • Print/laminate final versions to be delivered same day or the following, if needed. 
  • Finalize and apply new/updated pricing, as well as take any other requested items, such as sticker decals, neon signage, etc. Suggest coming back at later date to discuss refreshing/updating set again to maintain set.

About Alabev

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